Refoil Hair Salon

We Refoil

Did you know that Australian hair salons send over 1 million kilos of foil waste to landfill every year? That’s about 715 cars, or 4 jumbo jets. Stacked, it’s a pile taller than Sydney’s Centre Point Tower… Unfortunately aluminium doesn’t degrade easily. It actually contaminates the soil for 500 years!

With only 1% of hair salons recycling foil, eco chic is making a difference. We are one of the only salons on the Central Coast to recycle its foil after use, diverting a 100% recyclable material from landfill.

By recycling Refoil eco chic could save the planet every year the energy needed to power one light bulb for over 9 years, water consumption needed to fill 3 swimming pools and reduces air emissions the equivalent of taking 2 cars permanently of road. The recycled foil will be used as a resource for the making of new aluminium products, making sure we preserve natural resources for future generations.

“eco chic is committed to sustainable growth that encourages social responsibility and respect for the planet. This simple initiative can make all the difference to what was once landfill waste to become a future resource.”