Why we use NATULIQUE

NATULIQUE products are created from a simple premise: No dangerous ingredients! Our formulations are the safest available in the professional beauty industry today.
We believe in ingredient integrity and mission consistency, beginning with organic ingredients, whenever possible, to keeping dangerous chemical preservative systems and lathering agents out of the product in the end. At NATULIQUE we maintain the highest standards of quality throughout formulation and production.

Most of the ingredients in each and every product of the NATULIQUE Certified Organic product range are USDA and ECOCERT certified organic. We are also proud to announce that NATULIQUE Certified Organic products are on the approval list presented by the Danish Environmental Control Body for Professional Hairdressers.

Why we use Davine’s

davines“Beauty will save the world” at davines, we believe this is possible; and we believe that our vision of sustainability can make it happen.

At Davines, we don’t strive to be the biggest company in the world, but the most ethical. From renewable energy sources, to food grade packaging, carbon neutral hair products, to reforestation. In Everything we do, the impact on our earth is considered, and rebalanced.

Beauty will save the world and sustainability will make it happen. www.davines.com